MBK – Buying Electronics

RCR went for a shopping spree to the MBK centre where he checked out the electronics department. Blackberry, iPad, all for lower prices?

Yes, you can get it at the MBK… but you pay for the risk of ending up with a think that will stop working in three weeks and will be randomly lucky if they actually help you to fix it or replace your broken one.

Amarin Plaza Shopping Mall

Here is a video of the Amarin Plaza shopping mall in Bangkok. This shopping mall is located directly in front of the BTS station Chit Lom, in Bangkok’s main shopping district Rachaprasong. The shopping center has five floors full of high-end shops – so if you look for some cheap souvenirs, this is not the place to visit. You find fashion, furniture, home decor, jewelry, electronics, Thai handicrafts and more.

There is also the Amarin Tourist Information Center, where you can get lots of information and brochures that are of interest for Bangkok visitors. What’s more, the staff there will also give you advice and recommendations based on your individual preferences. And if you’re into Yoga, there is a branch of Absolute Yoga, one of Thailand’s most successful yoga companies.

And if you’re looking for high quality, competitively priced Thai handicrafts and souvenirs, the Naraiphand outlet is worth a visit.

On the second floor, there are lots of silk shops and small fashion boutique shops.

If you are there, also be sure to check out the Erawan shrine, one of the most important shrines in Bangkok. It might not look impressive, but to the Thais it is holy, and both Buddhists and Hindus from all over the world come to worship at this shrine and make a wish.

Central World Bangkok – Chinese Drummers

Here’s a video from Central World Bangkok – during the Chinese New Year they had this cool Chinese drummers thing going on.

Just some of the stores in Central World Bangkok are:

  • · Adidas Originals,
  • · AIS,
  • · Apple Center,
  • · Auntie Anne’s,
  • · Bata,
  • · Benetton,
  • · Calvin Klein,
  • · Chaps,
  • · Clarks,
  • · Daniel Hechtler,
  • · Dapper,
  • · DTAC,
  • · Esprit,
  • · FCUK,
  • · Giordano,
  • · Guess,
  • · Guy Laroche,
  • · Hush Puppies,
  • · Kipling,
  • · Lacoste,
  • · Liz Claiborne,
  • · Marks and Spencer,
  • · Modernform,
  • · Morgan,
  • · Nokia,
  • · Panasonic,
  • · Pena,
  • · Playboy,
  • · Rolex,
  • · Starbucks,
  • · Swarovski,
  • · Swatch
  • · Tissot,
  • · Toys “R” Us,

On December 31st you can go to Central World and check out the large Plaza in front of the shopping mall, there is always some action going on and people are celebrating, but it’s mostly Thai people celebrating Thai style (the NEW Thai style that is) – lots of dancers in short skirts and hot pants (but NO pole dance and prostitutes)…

Central World Bangkok is a HUGE shopping mal… and I suggest you get one of the maps that are available for free on the ground floor information desk, otherwise you could very well (and probably WILL) get lost.

Here some more videos from the Chinese drummers:

Here some other websites that have more infos about the Central World Plaza: