Central World Reopens

Yesterday the Central World shopping complex has reopened after it got partially burned down when the government cracked down on the red shirt protests in May. Here’s a video of how the place looked just a couple of months ago:

All that has changed of course now. It has been renovated for 2.8 billion baht (approximately 91 million USD).

Buddhist monks took part in the opening ceremony to bless the building.

About 20 percent of the 3.2 million square-foot (300,000 square-meter) retail space is still being repaired and will reopen next year.

The company’s president and CEO, Kobchai Chirativat, said the renovation costs would all be covered by insurance, though not all claims have been settled yet.

Central World Bangkok – Chinese Drummers

Here’s a video from Central World Bangkok – during the Chinese New Year they had this cool Chinese drummers thing going on.

Just some of the stores in Central World Bangkok are:

  • · Adidas Originals,
  • · AIS,
  • · Apple Center,
  • · Auntie Anne’s,
  • · Bata,
  • · Benetton,
  • · Calvin Klein,
  • · Chaps,
  • · Clarks,
  • · Daniel Hechtler,
  • · Dapper,
  • · DTAC,
  • · Esprit,
  • · FCUK,
  • · Giordano,
  • · Guess,
  • · Guy Laroche,
  • · Hush Puppies,
  • · Kipling,
  • · Lacoste,
  • · Liz Claiborne,
  • · Marks and Spencer,
  • · Modernform,
  • · Morgan,
  • · Nokia,
  • · Panasonic,
  • · Pena,
  • · Playboy,
  • · Rolex,
  • · Starbucks,
  • · Swarovski,
  • · Swatch
  • · Tissot,
  • · Toys “R” Us,

On December 31st you can go to Central World and check out the large Plaza in front of the shopping mall, there is always some action going on and people are celebrating, but it’s mostly Thai people celebrating Thai style (the NEW Thai style that is) – lots of dancers in short skirts and hot pants (but NO pole dance and prostitutes)…

Central World Bangkok is a HUGE shopping mal… and I suggest you get one of the maps that are available for free on the ground floor information desk, otherwise you could very well (and probably WILL) get lost.

Here some more videos from the Chinese drummers:

Here some other websites that have more infos about the Central World Plaza: