Patpong Night Market

Patpong is one of the infamous redlight districts of Bangkok. Right next to it, is the night market – where some of Thailand’s “tourist bestsellers” are being sold – T-shirts, fake watches, fake brandname items, shoes, pirated copies of American TV shows and movies, and lots of little souvenirs.

Women – you can get the latest Louis Vuitton models here for cheap… of course they’re fakes, but you can get some high quality fakes, and it costs about as much as three people having coffee at starbucks…


Generally, the patpong night market is very overpriced, and if you bought something there without bargaining hard, chances are, you paid at least a third too much – if not more.

I once bought a bag there. Initial asking price: 1500 baht. After lots of bargaining, I bought for: 280 baht. This is an extreme example, but it makes a point: check different places to see how much an item is before you decide to buy.

See, many of the tourists who shop around there are a) drunken (after attenting one of the famous pingpong pussy shows) or b) clueless. And a place like that, it’s common to be overcharged.

Unfriendly Vendors

Compared to other places in Bangkok, then vendors here are less friendly and less polite. I guess there’s something about working in that place that isn’t exactly uplifting to the spirits.

When to go

Most of the vendors have set up their stalls around 7 PM, and then it goes into the night, but before 10 PM will already see some vendors leaving.

Getting There

You can

  • hop on a taxi and say: Patpong
  • take the BTS skytrain and get off at Saladaeng
  • take the MRT (subway) and get off at Lumpini

Here’s a video, walking down the night market. It’s not the full length of the nightmarket (which is longer), but I figuered: enough is enough.